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VFR1200F to a fully loaded GSA 2014

Flaming T

New Member
Hi all. :hiya1:

Picked my white GSA up today. Fully kitted out with nearly every possible option except gear shift pro.
The VFR forum was very lively :yo: and informative :gossip: so am hoping this will be the same.
Looking forward to any helpful hints and tips from you all in the future. :beer:


One screw Bob
Welcome to the forum Flaming T.

Unfortunately, this GS forum isn't so busy and never really took off. Mainly due to there being an extremely busy, and well established, U.K. based GS forum elsewhere (do a search on 'UKGS' and it'll appear near the top of the list, if not at the top). It is friendly, but not as much so as the VFR forum.