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Posting a pic


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Hi Guys and Gals

I'm trying to post a pic of my new toy, but not very successful so far. I've copied and pasted but doesn't work, and I've uploaded a file via the 'manage attachments' link below.

Could someone please let a thick like me know how to do it? :eek:



Club Bard
The first way that you attempted, definitely won't work. If you think about it logically, there's no way that posting the location of the file on your computer, ie /Users/Andy/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Masters/2013/02/22/20130222-083119/DSC07062.JPG, is going to work.

You need to upload the pic to an Internet server so that it can be assigned a URL and therefore be viewed on a browser.

There are two ways of doing this. The first is to use the Manage Attachments facility here on the forum and upload your pic to the Bikers Oracle Server. You said that you'd done that already but if you'd done it correctly it would have shown in your post. Did you allow the pic to upload fully and was it within the size limit specified in the dialogue box?

The other way is to use a photo hosting service on the web and similarly upload your pic to that and then copy 'n' paste the URL of the uploaded pic into your post.



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Schtum I have 'uploaded' a pic via the "manage attachments" as mentioned. It does not say file to big or whatever when I do this.