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Newbies - say hello here


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Hey all ,

had my cb1300 f in red and white (best colours ) ;)

only 8300 miles on clock when i got her a year ago, immaculate condition completely bog standard, full service history etc mint example and I'm in love , also own a k7 gixxer 1000, a 1982 kawasaki z650, a 1979 honda gl1000 (naked gold wing full uk kz bike immaculate example) a 1987 honda vf 1000 and a 1999 harley fat boy full custom i built and chopped myself.

nice to be here hopefully ill meet some nice folk and learn some much needed knowledge about my beloved cb1300 , I'm never off it absolutely one of my fave bikes .



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Yet Another Newbie

Got my 2007 cb1300 a week ago....bloody love it. It joins a Kwaka VN900 special edition custom and a 1969 Raleigh Wisp....yup, you read right....a Wisp (restoration project).


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Afternoon All


Hey People

Good to be here .. I Think :rolleyes:

Long story short .Had a XJR 100 GSX 1400 and a hooligan of a Mk 1 1200 Bandit... :)
All good bikes, but now I want the BEST :beer:
So here I am

Just call me MAX :lol:

Gonna get myself a nice Black & Silver 2005 ish CB 1300.. still saving, prob March April I rekon with a budget of 4 grand

See ya


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Well after a 16 year gap, and for the last month on a '93 Hinckley Trophy 1200 that basically decimated my near 60 year old wrists around town, I decided I wanted an Hommage to my old CB900F, so today I picked up a gorgeous 2004 CB1300F4 did 150 miles this afternoon getting acquainted with it.

What a totally fabulous bike to ride, i'm already smitten and am looking for a full Akrapovic system all ready

Regards Rob...
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Hi everyone. :)

My name is Mariusz, I bought my half-fired white and red CB1300SA1 year ago.
Absolutely love this bike! :)



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Bought a 2008 SA-5. I've only ridden a 100 miles on it, but very happy with it so far.

I've got that 50mph wobble situation but planning to change tyres in March and will possibly get some taper head bearings put in.