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Annual Group Ride outs


a.k.a Ducktape
fatladsbro said:
What do you mean.... Oi you!.

From your username I was expecting a short, hairy fat bloke, most unlike the tall athletic handsome chap that you are :kiss:

Mick :D


New Member
I second that would definatly be up for it:lao:
Big John

Mick said:
I think it is a great idea to meet up. You really don't know anything about anyone on the forum until you meet.

It's funny how you have pre-conceived ideas about forum members until you meet in the flesh so to speak.

I have met a couple from this forum through VFR rideouts etc.
They didn't stand up to my expectations ;) :lol:


Big Fella

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Ride Outs

:hiya1:Hello all this is my first time [snigger],life has not been kind lately so joined here.Need to get out so this Big Trip is ideal. I dont mind where or when , but whole heartedly recomend a B&B in Blackpool [owner has 1300 but its a yam,did try to tell him :dunno:] although booking early best.Am up for Race meetings , Rallies ,most things so if anybody wants to meet up would be good. Mines black too and now my finger hurts......


a.k.a Ducktape
Hi Big Fella


Unfortunately we, the CB1300 brigade haven't really got our act together with rideouts but we do join in Bikers Oracle rideouts from Central and other forums like the VFR one.
I think quite a few of us are ex VFR owners!

So keep an eye out particularly for the NW brigade and the MANHOC bunch who seem to organise things across Blackpool way and beyond.